Lyrics and Music by Joseph Barneski

Flith runs from the gutters, graffiti marks the walls.
Steel bars protect whats inside, as rain destroys the warmth.
Everything is cold and gray.
And in the dark, two silohettes are huddled in the night,
A mother holds her child, who's eyes are wide with fright.
Hidden deep within an alley, the shelter's full tonight.

What's a mother to do when her baby's cold and crying.
What's she to do when it lies inside her silently dieing.
God only knows the reasons for these fears
Her pain is plain to see as the love within her tears

She lies awake crying, not knowing what went wrong.
The only thing she's sure of, her hopes and dreams are gone.
She crys to God in anger.
And in the dark lit cigarette her husband sits alone.
She crys, "My baby's gone..."


When resentment and shame become one in the same,
Her litany of pain is all that remains.